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One of the most immediate sizing questions you'll likely have to answer starts with determining the right ring width for your finger. While it may not seem like much, the differences between 6mm and 8mm are fairly substantial. When approaching this question, there are two suggestions to help guide you:

  1. Individuals with a ring size above 9 tend to prefer 8mm.
  2. Individuals with a ring size below 9 tend to prefer 6mm.

To get a sense of scale, a quarter will usually do the trick. While not exact, a quarter is similar to 2mm thickness.


When measuring for the right ring size, there are two methods to determine the correct size:

  1. Take a ring that already fits, and measure the inner diameter with a ruler.  Using the chart below, you should easily be able to identify which size you are. 
  2. If you do not have a ring that already fits, measure the circumference of the desired finger.  To do that, simply take a piece of string/paper and loosely wrap the entire length comfortably around the largest knuckle on your finger, making sure not to make it too tight.  

Use these measurements to reference the chart we have below (everything measured in millimeters). Always bear in mind that your fingers shrink in the winter time, and swell in the summer, so plan accordingly.  We do also offer "custom" ring sizes, so if you need exact dimensions, we do make 1/4 sizes as well.