The Benefits of forged carbon fiber


lightweight & comfortable

One of the first things that someone notices when holding carbon fiber is how light it is.  In the case of sports cars and spacecraft, this allows each to travel faster and burn less fuel in one stroke.  In a carbon fiber ring, it's so incredibly lightweight that you'll hardly know it's on your finger- making it incredibly comfortable.


strong & Safe

On top of being significantly lighter, the strongest carbon fibers are 10 times stronger than steel. The benefits are clear when justifying building spacecraft and fast cars, are ever more apparent when it comes to rings.  Unlike metallic rings which will simply bend when under pressure, carbon fiber simply shatters, likely saving you a finger and a trip to the hospital.


incredibly beautiful

Unlike how you view the traditional 'checkerboard' style of carbon fiber material, forged carbon fiber is simply made from the same materials, but processed differently, with heat and pressure. What results is an incredibly beautiful marbling of material.  The material is refractory as well, and is absolutely ignited in the sunlight.


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