Kickstarter landing page:


Have you been burned by one of these campaigns?  We think that offering something as a promise for starting a kickstarter should be delivered upon to 100% completion, with zero excuses, or at least frequent updates.  We know you’ve been waiting for as long as four years!


That’s why we have something that may interest you.


We’re offering our carbon fiber ring exclusively to the first one hundred individuals for literally one penny + Shipping and Handling.  


Carbon District consists of two of us: Russell, and Clayton.  We’ve been developing our carbon fiber rings for quite some time, and we’ve considered a kickstarter for our startup.  But then we saw your comments. After further searching, we’ve realized that there are a lot of ring companies doing this, not even including a TON of projects that have never delivered on their promise.


Of course, we would like to be able to offer it to all of you, but considering we are an upstart, we can only financially handle 100 inquiries at this time.  BUT, we do have a very specific plan of actions that will make our process SIGNIFICANTLY faster. Other than time, we would need the funds. And in order to do so, we would need to raise $3,000.


Please don’t get us wrong! You don’t need to pay a dime to receive our offer.  But with $3,000 we can improve our PROCESS, and increase the number of people that we can provide this offer to.  And that’s why we have a few offers for you. You can purchase a membership, or donate.


For anybody who purchases one of our rings outright for, you will receive a “Founder’s Membership” with your purchase, which is a lifetime membership that will provide you with access to limitless options, including: freebies, exclusive discounts, prototypes, and limited run creations.


For this promotion we are running, you will not receive our “Founder’s Membership” by default.

However, we are offering this LIFETIME membership for $50 (normal cost $100).  With any purchase of $50 or more, you will receive free shipping (on this promotion).


We also noticed that a lot of you ordered more than one ring, and several of you ordered a ring with an inlay.  While our offering doesn’t include an inlay or more than one ring, we will offer any additional rings for a prohibitively low cost of $5 a ring.  Our aim with this offer is hopefully hopefully for feedback, but that we can inspire these kickstarter businesses to give you what they promised you.  


100% of donations you make provide you with leverage to explicitly tell us where you’d like us to develop further.  That could mean “get that super awesome equipment,” “diversify/start your investment portfolio, “quit your day job,” you name it.  We will never use that money beyond what you specify to us.


100% or profit from memberships or add-ons will go directly to making our process faster.  We actually have our exact plan of action, and if you would like to see it, absolutely feel free to reach out to us about it! We’d be very happy to share that with you, along with our aspirations as a company.


Our Requirements/How this process works.


All you need are two pieces of information: proof that you contributed to any of the specified kickstarters, and/or proof that you have reached out to them/have not received your ring yet.  That can include a comment, or communication between yourself and their customer service team.


Once those have been provided to us, we will in turn generate a one time use code that drops the cost of your first ring to $0.00.  We will also generate specific codes that will reduce the price of any additional ring down to $5.00. You will have an option to add a Founding Membership (which will negate the price of shipping).


Hopeful outcome:


There are two perceived outcomes: ultimately, it is totally possible that 100 of you might not even opt in for this. That is perfectly fine with us, and we hope that you like our ring! However, it’s just as possible that at least 1,000 of you will opt in for this offer.  If that is the case, we will be incredibly transparent throughout the entire process.


From that, there are another two options: we either may or may not receive enough contributions to move on to the next step.  If we in fact do not generate the funds, we will still continue our offer, taking care of only 100 at a time. Our hope is to be able to serve 500 or 1000 at a time, as we are consistently looking to improve our process.  We would absolutely love to help each and every one of you out, but we don’t wish to be confined to our shop day in and day out.


Our hope, again, is to receive feedback on our product, and to finally make a statement to ANY kickstarter upstart, that not providing product to backers is simply NOT acceptable.  In fact, we’ve written more about it here.


We look forward to hearing from you!  Let’s keep sticking it to the man!


-Carbon District

Russell Warner

Clayton Haun